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It's midnight. You hear the silence. Your imagination is running away with you and you cannot tame it without exploring that realm in which you can only enter from the whispers. The kingdom of infinite stories approach you as you wonder through fields of romance and forests of suspense. At WhispersAtMidnight.com, we have a full library of stories of different genre, submitted by other members, that will take to that dreamy twilight of paranormal, fantasy, suspense, and even comedy, with each category including a fusion of romance. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the whispers.

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Sample Story: Romance in the Water by by IlovetheCoreys

Water poured down on 27-year-old Janet Jackson's black locks and body as she let the heat temporarily put her in place. For this moment, she would savor it, washing away all the troubles away hopefully. That experience…it was amazing, wasn't it? Giving in to your sexual desires brings out a more realistic appearance in yourself, I heard. Is that true? Can it really show yourself that you're not afraid, and to others as well? Beads of water clung to her skin and slid down her flesh, soon to be pure and clean. She pushed the button to turn off the showerhead, and then sat down so that her body would be submerged in the soothing water. She hugged her legs tight to her chest, her hands trembling slightly......Read More